About Us

We were founded by a group of close friends in 2016. At first, we are just gamers, we used to buy accounts from players so that we don't have to play from scratch because it was too many efforts. But we were scammed from times after times so we have an idea of "why not create a safe environment for gamers like us to trade their accounts safer?".

Market4Gamers believes in making a difference. No matter how small or big it is, we shall continue to pursue innovative ideas that can change the world and do wonders for the gaming community. At Market4Gamers, our mission is to continuously evolve in the gaming community and provide a reliable digital platform ,where can buy and sell freely with ease.

As such, Market4Gamers  was incorporated in May 2019 and incepted in July 2019, with HOANG LE MMO Co.ltd  becoming its wholly-owned subsidiary in 2019. Market4Gamers Solution Suite provides a comprehensive online marketplace solution for gamers to buy and sell anything gaming related with absolute peace of mind. Market4Gamers is currently working on the prototype to further support game digital downloads, esports related professions, as well as digital comics.

Since then we have constantly grown our team non stop to be able to do expand our reach to people. After a few years, we now have a company with excellent staffs and we have been serving more than hundreds, thousands of our customers. Are you one of our customers in the near future?

Our Vision

To be one of the biggest game platforms in the world.

Our Mission

To help our client's gaming experience to the fullest, to prevent players from being scammed when trading accounts from player to player.

Our Values

  • Safety: The accounts we provide are 100% safe, no lies!
  • Security: we have SSL certificates to protect our domain from hackers, PayPal is our payment gateway with buyer-seller protections.
  • Performance: We provide servers within minutes to hours, customer online support 24/24
  • Integrity: We are transparent, honest and treat everyone with respect
  • Accountability: We do what we say we do.