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About Wonder Battle Research Lords Mobile Game

About Wonder Battle Research Lords Mobile Game

February 15, 2023

Wonder Battles

In Lords Mobile, Wonder Battle Research refers to a set of research technologies that are focused on improving a player’s army’s performance in the Wonder Battle event. This event is a large-scale battle in which guilds and alliances compete against each other for control of the Wonder, a massive and valuable castle structure.

The Wonder Battle Research technologies are divided into different branches, each with its own set of benefits. Some of the most important Wonder Battle Research branches include Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Siege Engines, and Defensive Strategy. Each branch provides research options that enhance the corresponding units’ strength, defense, or other abilities in the Wonder Battle event.

Researching Wonder Battle technologies is essential to achieve success in the event. It allows players to upgrade their units, increase their combat power, and gain an advantage over other guilds and alliances. Additionally, completing certain researches can unlock special abilities that can be used in the Wonder Battle, such as summoning powerful beasts or deploying traps to hinder enemy forces.

Overall, Wonder Battle Research is an important aspect of Lords Mobile that requires careful planning and strategic thinking. By investing time and resources into researching Wonder Battle technologies, players can greatly improve their chances of winning the event and gaining valuable rewards.

Various Wonder rally technologies can be researched in the Wonder Battles tree to boost the player’s capability when attacking and defending in War for Wonders.

Available Research

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