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Tips to catch 100IVs Shadow pokemon in POKEMON GO

Tips to catch 100IVs Shadow pokemon in POKEMON GO

March 3, 2023

Getting a 100 IV Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go can be difficult and requires a combination of luck and effort. Here are a few tips that can increase your chances:

  1. Battle Team GO Rocket Leaders: Team GO Rocket Leaders are known to have a higher chance of giving out Shadow Pokemon with high IVs. So, by battling them, you may be able to get lucky and catch a 100 IV Shadow Pokemon.
  2. Trade with Friends: Trading Pokemon with friends can increase your chances of getting a high IV Shadow Pokemon. The chances of a traded Pokemon having high IVs increase with the friendship level between the two trainers.
  3. Hatch Eggs: Shadow Pokemon can also be hatched from eggs, and there is a chance that the hatched Pokemon will have high IVs.
  4. Catch as many Shadow Pokemon as possible: The more Shadow Pokemon you catch, the higher your chances of getting a 100 IV Shadow Pokemon. So, participate in as many Team GO Rocket battles as possible and catch any Shadow Pokemon that you encounter.
  5. Use an IV calculator: Using an IV calculator, such as the one available on Poke Genie, can help you identify which of your caught Shadow Pokemon has the highest IVs, allowing you to focus on powering them up.

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