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Top 5 civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms I wish I knew. Complete civilization guide for beginners .

Top 5 civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms I wish I knew. Complete civilization guide for beginners .

March 8, 2022

Each civilization will have a slight advantage over others in some aspects. It could help you reach 10M Pow easier if you follow the strengths of your civilization. But to reach 30M Pow fast and higher rank in the kingdom, you need to have a strategy and some hints. As a 103M Pow player, I would share with you in this post.

Please be acknowledged this is my personal experience, it could not be right 100%, you can use this as reference info. Besides your favored civilization, such as you love Spain because you are Spanish, or you like Japan because of its anima and manga. I would give you advice on how each performs only in this game.

Remember, you can always change your civilization later in the game. Don’t worry too much at the beginning.

Here are 3 ways to change your civilization:

  • 1: you have 1 free Change Civilization book, you can change your civilization when your City Hall reaches level 10.
  • 2: you can buy it at the VIP store for 10,000 gems. It is quite expensive. You should consider carefully when using the free book. Don’t waste 10K gems, you could use these gems for boosting your power a lot.
  • 3: you can buy it in the Alliance store for 2M alliance credits. It would take lots of time to earn these credits as well. Let’s see which civilization suits you best.
  • Germany: Eagle of Germany.
    • Boost cavalry attack 5%
    • Speed up troop training 5% > this is a huge benefit, increase troop power faster will also boost up your general power.
    • Action point recovery speedup by 10% > more AP to attacks barbarians and gain experience.
    • Starting Epic Commander: Hermann.
    • Special unit: Teutonic knight.
      • This perk helps your cavalry armies stronger. Some Legendary cavalry commanders: Attila, Saladin, Takeda Shingen, William I, Genghis Khan, Cao Cao, Chandragupta Maurya, Epic (Minamoto Yoshitsune, Baibars, Belisarius). An additional 5% troop training speed helps build your army faster, grows your total power faster. With 10%+ action point recovery speed, you can kill more barbarians, neutral units and join more events to earn more XP. This one is a very popular civilization in ROK, I also chose this at the beginning.
    • Rome: Glory of the Empire.
      • Boost infantry defense 5%
      • Speed up troop march 5%
      • Faster food gathering by 10%
      • Starting Epic Commander: Scipio Africanus.
      • Special unit: Legionary
        • Rome is a strong civilization to start. +10% food gathering speed helps you earn more resources (RSS) used to train troops. For Free to Play gamers, I recommend you another way to harvest faster, have 1 – 3 additional farm accounts in the same kingdom.
        • If you are a fan of infantry then Rome will be your choice, I want to emphasize Rome infantry defense +5%, it helps your armies sustain longer in the battle.
        • Legendary Infantry commanders you can consider: Richard I, Alexander the Great, Charles Martel, Constantine I; or Epic Infantry commanders: Sun Tzu, Eunji Mundeok.
        • +5% troop march speed increases your army mobility in battle, especially in Ark of Osiris and KvK, 5% seems not much but it creates a real impact in battle.
      • Arabia: Boundless Oasis. Baibars.
        • Boost cavalry attack 5%
        • Boost damage 10% on barbarians (and neutral units)
        • Boost damage dealt by rallied armies 5%
        • Special unit: Mamluk

> It’s great if you lead a rallied army, 5% is a huge buff for your whole rallied armies, especially in case you attack large structures and target like Barbarian forts, or in Osiris or governor cities.

And you get even 10% more damage on barbarians, add up to +15% damage, that’s a real hack. With a buff for cavalry attack, if you choose Arabia, I highly recommend you to build cavalry to take advantage of this civilization. Cavalry commanders, you should build Attila, Saladin, Takeda Shingen, William I, Genghis Khan, Cao Cao, Chandragupta Maurya, Epic (Minamoto Yoshitsune, Baibars, Belisarius). This is one of my favorite civilizations.

  • China: Art of War. Sun Tzu.
    • Boost troop defense 3%
    • Speed up action point recovery 5% > join more events to earn more XP
    • Speed up building speed 5% > boost your Pow 5% ahead of other civilization structures over time, get higher hall faster.
    • Special unit: Chu-Ko-Nu

> China is a good civilization to start the game, and one of most popular chosen of new players. In the early game, you can make use of 5% building speed, upgrade your city structures faster. You can keep using China in the mid and late-game after your city hall reaches level 25, but you have better options later depending on your style (Germany and Spain for cavalry, Viking for infantry, Korea and Ottoman for archery, Rome for mobility, Arabia for rally leader, France Korea, and Byzantium for a long battle). In an alliance or a kingdom, it is necessary to have diverse combinations of civilizations and commanders, it’s the harmony of attack and defense, that’s why this strategy game attracts me and so many gamers.

  • Vikings: Blessing of Odin. Bjorn Ironside.
    • Boost up infantry attack 5%
    • Boost Counterattack damage 3%
    • Increase troop load by 10% > This is a huge advantage. Imagine you and your foes have the same troop power, and you are granted 10% troops more, it means you outnumber your enemies instantly.
    • Special unit: Berserker

> This is a strong civilization for infantry build, and in Osiris as an attacker. As in real life, the Vikings are aggressive and combative. Even though this is the newest civilization added to the game, it has a strong reputation for its strength among gamers.

  • Korea: Balance of Yin and Yang. Eulji Mundeok.
    • Increase archer defense 5%
    • Increase hospital capacity 15%
    • Increase research speed by 5%
      • Slight buff for players who want to build an archer army, though you can build cavalry and infantry as well. It has the same +15% hospital capacity, more room for your wounded troops. In the mid-game, if you want to speed up technology research you should consider Korea because these researches take lots of time, +5% speed will help you make it faster.
    • Byzantium: Heavenly Light. Belisarius.
      • Increase cavalry health by 5%
      • Speed up stone gathering 10%
      • Increase hospital capacity by 15%.
      • Special unit: Cataphract.
        • Similar to Korea, it has a +15% hospital capacity, this will help a lot in the late game, you need to recover huge amounts of troops or they die. Preferrable for cavalry build orientation, but yes you can always build other armies as well, don’t stress it out. A slight stone gathering speeds up 10% does not matter at all.
      • Ottoman: Realm of the King. Osman I.
        • Improve archer health 5% >preferable to build archery army.
        • Speed up troop march 5% > mobilize better in Osiris and KvK.
        • Increase active skill damage 5% > buff your commander active skill damage.
        • Special unit: Janissary
      • Britain: The Sun never sets.
        • Boost Archer attack 5% > preferable for archery army.
        • Speed up troop training 5% > build up your army faster.
        • Enlarge ally garrison capacity 20% > this is good in Osiris and KvK if your city plays as a defense structure.
        • Starting Epic Commander: Boudica. Special unit: Longbowman
      • France: Chivalry. Joan of Arc.
        • Increase troop health by 3%
        • Speed up the wood gathering by 10% > I guess this does not help much.
        • Increase hospital healing speed by 20% > this is good in a long battle when you have large amounts of wounded troops to recover.
        • Special unit: Throwing Axe
      • Spain: The Matador. Pelagius.
        • Increase cavalry defense 5% > good for cavalry army.
        • Earn 10% additional experience from barbarians (and other neutral units) > help your commanders grow faster.
        • Faster RSS production 20% > this is ok.
        • Special unit: Conquistador
      • Japan: Bushido. Kusunoki Masashige
        • Boost troop attack 3% > This is a slight buff, but compared to other civilizations, this is inferior.
        • Scout march speed up 30% > this is fun to have, but contribute nothing to your Power.
        • Speed up Resources gathering 5% > for f2p, you can gather even faster with 1 farm account.

> Japan civilizations wastes 2/3 perks to help players grow faster. It would not be my choice.


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